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Nov. 26 (Wed.)
10 : 00
10 : 10


▶Opening Remarks

Mr. Hirobumi Kawano, President, JOGMEC

▶Remark by Special Guests

Mr. Takayuki Ueda, Commissioner, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, METI

10 : 10
12 : 30

■Session 1: Keynote Speeches

  • ▶Keynote Speech 1 : "Technology and Innovation to secure a sustainable future for the E&P
     industry"  presentation summary

Mr. Toshiaki Kitamura, President & CEO, INPEX Corporation

  • ▶Keynote Speech 2 : "Perspectives from a National Oil Company" summary

Mr. Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, Director of Strategy & Coordination, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company


Mr. Ngosi C.X. Mwihava, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of energy and minerals

  • ▶JOGMEC's Speech : "JOGMEC's role as a bridge between NOC/IOC and Japanese technologies"
      presentation summary

Mr. Hirobumi Kawano, President, JOGMEC

12 : 30 ー 14 : 00 Lunch Break

12 : 00ー18 : 00


(Ume, 2nd floor)
14 : 00
15 : 20

■Session 2 : Guest Speeches

  • ▶Guest Speech 1 : 4 C & Deliver " CHANGE CULTURE, COMPETE ON COSTS & DELIVER "
    Contribution of R&D to the Oil & Gas Industry Technical & Cost reduction challenges presentation

Mr. Daniel PLATHEY, Vice President, Research & Development, Exploration & Production, Total S.A

  • ▶Guest Speech 2 : "Aligning Upstream Technology and Innovation Trends with Market Needs"

Mr. Bob Fryklund, Chief Upstream Strategist, IHS Inc.

15 : 20 ー 15 : 50 Break
15 : 50
17 : 30

■Panel Discussion :
 Natural Resource Interests and the Role of Innovative Technologies

Moderator :

Ms. Yukari Yamashita, Board Member, Director, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)

Panelists :

  • ▶"The Role of Technology in the North American Production Renaissance?" summary

Mr. Bob Fryklund, Chief Upstream Strategist, IHS Inc.

  • ▶"Shale Gas Development & LNG Projects in Canada ; Challenges and Success" summary

Mr. Taizo Uchimura, Vice President, The Americas & Africa Project Division, INPEX CORPORATION

  • ▶"New FLNG technology for Medium / Small gas fields" summary

Mr. Akira Ishii, Head, Energy & Environment Institute

  • ▶"LNG Floating Solutions" summary

Mr. Takeshi Hashimoto, Managing Executive Officer (LNG/Offshore Business), Mitsui O. S. K. Lines, Ltd.

18 : 00
19 : 30

Networking Reception

Nov. 27 (Thu.)
Venue-A Venue-B
■A, From Challenges to Opportunities:
Engaging the Frontier of Oil and Gas
■B, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries:
For Challengers of Oil & Gas Development
9 : 30
11 : 40

■A-1 : High CO2 Gas Field

  • ▶"High CO2 gas field development" presentation

・Dr. Satoru Takahashi,
 Director, EOR Division, Technology Department,
 Oil & Gas Upstream Technology Unit, JOGMEC

▶"On - going projects and technologies of
 Vietnam high CO2 content gas field"

 Deputy General Manager, Division,
 Production Div. PetroVietnam

  • ▶"High Strength Corrosion Resistant Alloy Casing
     and Tubing for Ultra High-Pressure
     High-Temperature Corrosive Environment"

・Dr. Masayuki SAGARA,
 Senior Researcher, Pipe & Tube Research
 Laboratories, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo
 Metal Corporation

  • ▶"Advanced CO2 Removal Technology for
     CO2-rich Natural Gas Development – HiPACTTM"
     presentation summary

・Mr. Koji Tanaka,
 License Manager, Research & Development
 Center, Process Technology Division,
 JGC Corporation

  • ▶"Development of CO2 Separation Membrane
     for Natural Gas" summary

・Mr. Tetsuo NISHIMURA,
 Manager, Industrial Products Div.,

9 : 30
11 : 40


  • ▶Overview of Oil and Gas Industries presentation

・Mr. Minoru Yoshizawa,
 Director General, Technical Solutions Project
 Group, Oil & Gas Upstream Technology Unit,

  • ▶Introduction of Technical Solutions Project
     - JOGMEC’s new initiative - presentation

・Mr. Kazuaki Miyata,
 Deputy Director, Planning Team, Technical
 Solutions Project Group, Oil & Gas Upstream
 Technology Unit, JOGMEC

▶R&D of JOGMEC and Japanese Companies (1)

  • ・"Applying Degradable Materials for Drilling of
     Oil & Gas Recovery Development of
     "Time-degradability" LCM for HPHT Reservoirs"

・Dr. Hiroyuki Sato,
 General Manager, Research Center,

  • ・"The Development of Microbial Enhanced Oil
     Recovery (MEOR) Technology
     presentation summary

・Dr. Toshiyuki Anraku,
 General Manager, Reservoir Engineering
 Department, Technical Division,
 Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. (JAPEX)

9 : 30ー17 : 00


(Ume, 2nd floor)
11 : 40 ー 13 : 10 Lunch Break
13 : 10
14 : 50

■A-2 : Heavy Oil Field

  • ▶"Heavy oil field" presentation

・Dr. Masaru Ihara,
 Chief Researcher, Research & Analysis
 Department, JOGMEC

  • ▶"Canadian Oil Sands -Technical challenges in
     SAGD project-" presentation summary

・Mr. Hiroyuki Nakagawa,
 Manager, Canada Oil Sands Project Dept,

  • ▶"Upgrading of Heavy Crude Oil
     -Supercritical Water Cracking Technology–"
      presentation summary

・Mr. Hisato Aoyama,
 Manager, Professional Engineer (Chemical),
 SCWC Project Team, Technology Development
 Center, JGC Corporation

  • ▶"Heavy Oil Technologies in Oman" summary

・Dr. Syham Bentouati,
 Head of New Technology Implementation,
 Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)

13 : 10
14 : 10


▶R&D of JOGMEC and Japanese Companies (2)

  • ・"Research and development on a novel
     water-alternating-gas technology :
     Microbubble carbon dioxide injection for
     enhanced oil recovery" presentation summary

・Dr. Ziqiu Xue,
 Chief Researcher, CO2 Storage Research
 Group, Research Institute of Innovative
 Technology for the Earth (RITE)

  • ・"Novel CO2 Separation Technology Using
     MSM-1 Zeolite Membrane
     (CO2 Separation from Natural Gas)"
      presentation summary

・Mr. Kenichi Kawazuishi,
 Technical Specialist, Technology Development
 Unit, Process Development Section,
 Chiyoda Corporation

14 : 50 ー 15 : 20 Break 14 : 10 ー 14 : 40 Break
15 : 20
17 : 00

■A-3 : Deep Water and Arctic Region

  • ▶"Key Technologies in Deepwater & Arctic
     Development" presentation

・Dr. Kazuhisa Otsubo,
 Deputy Director, Technical Development Team,
 Technical Solutions Project Group,
 Oil & Gas Upstream Technology Unit, JOGMEC

  • ▶"Technology for Oil and Gas Development in
     Ice-covered Waters-Present State and
     Future Challenges–" presentation summary

・Dr. Koh Izumiyama,
 Senior Researcher, R&D, Management
 Planning Department, North Japan
 Port Consultants Co., Ltd.

  • ▶"Technical Challenges Associated with the
     Development and Operation of Arctic Projects"
      presentation summary

・Mr. Masahiro Miwa,
 General Manager, Field Development Unit,
 Technical Division, INPEX Corporation

  • ▶"Tokyo Rope's business expansion on offshore
     market including CFCC
     (Carbon Fiber Composite Cable)."
      presentation summary

・Mr. Yoichi Shuto,
 Managing Director, General Manager,
 TCT Division, Tokyo Rope Mfg. Co., Ltd.

14 : 40
16 : 40

■B-3 Panel Discussion :
 Trend of Japanese High-Technology

  • Moderator : presentation

 Prof. Masanori Kurihara,
 Professor, Department of Resources and
 Environmental Engineering, School of Creative
 Science and Engineering, Faculty of Science
 and Engineering, Waseda University

Panelists :

  • ・"Role of Technology Development in INPEX"
      presentation summary

・Mr. Nintoku Yazawa,
 General manager, Technical Division, Technical

  • ・"Role and Direction of R&D in JAPEX"

・Dr. Kazuhiko Tezuka,
 General manager, Technical Division Research
 Center, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd.

  • ・"JDC's Efforts in Offshore Resources Development" presentation summary

・Mr. Masahiro Nakamura,
 Executive Officer, General Manager of Drilling
 Technology Department, Drilling Technology
 Department, Japan Drilling Company

  • ・JOGMEC's R&D presentation summary

・Mr. Makoto Ichikawa,
 Executive Director, Member of the Board,

* Poster exhibition of Japanese companies will be provided all day long.
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