In Exhibition of JOGMEC Techno Forum 2015, Japanese cutting edge technologies including robotics will be introduced and displayed as solutions for your challenges.

We and Japanese companies look forward to seeing you at Exhibition venue.

Opening Date and Times

October 28 (Wed) 11:20 - 17:00

October 29 (Thu)   9:30 - 17:15

Exhibition Venue

Aoi, 2nd floor, Palace Hotel Tokyo

Aoi, 2nd floor, Place Hotel Tokyo

Exhibition Map

List of Exhibitors

JOGMEC Techno Forum 2015 Poster Exhibition

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Category Poster Title
JOGMEC Activities JOGMEC 4 Fields & 8 Activities
Flow of natural resource development
Financial support for Japanese companies
Financial support for Geothermal Exploration
JOGMEC’s Initiatives for Human Resource Development
International Relationships
  Resource Exploration Technologies
Land Resource Exploration Technologies (Land)
Permanent seismic source ACROSS for reservoir monitoring
Permanent seismic source ACROSS for reservoir monitoring at Aquistore CCS field in Saskatchewan, Canada : Source Installation and Baseline Data Acquisition
Evaluation of Onnagawa Tight Oil Potential - Basin Modeling
Exploration Technique for Geothermal Reservoirs
Regional Airborne Survey for Geothermal Potential
Sea Resource Exploration Technologies(Sea)
3D Seismic Exploration Project in Japanese Offshore Areas
Water Treatment
How Produced Water Works
Outline of Mine Pollution Control
Environmental Friendly Produced Water Treatment technology
Research and Development of passive treatment technologies by JOGMEC
Operation Support
Operations Support Technologies Active in Resource Development Sites
Marine Bio-Fouling remove robot at “KAMIGO” National Oil Stockpiling Site