理事長 河野 博文

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (“JOGMEC”) is pleased to announce that the JOGMEC Techno Forum 2015 will be held on October 28 and 29, 2015 in Tokyo.

We, JOGMEC, play a role in Japanese resource development in collaboration with the Japanese government. Our primary mission is to ensure a stable supply of natural resources to Japan through financial assistance for exploration/development projects, and enhancement of relationships with resource developing countries through cooperative R&D activities. Techno Forum 2015 is the 3rd forum to be held for accelerating opportunities to reinforce the relationships with these resources developing countries.

Through both the 1st forum in 2013 and the 2nd forum in 2014, numerous presenters from NOC/IOC gave speeches addressing technical needs, challenges and drivers concerning activities at the frontlines of oil and gas fields.

Thus far, we have been introducing our technical solutions based on Japanese cutting edge technologies to cooperate with these resource developing countries in conquering their technical challenges.

On Day 1 of Techno Forum 2015, personnel from resource producing countries will deliver their speeches on action programs in terms of technologies and business, taking the trend of low oil prices into consideration, and we will invite Dr. Daniel Yergin, Vice Chairman, IHS and Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Quest and The Prize, to lead and deepen the discussion among panelists including representatives of leading Japanese companies. On Day 2, we are planning a program to address specific technical challenges and actions for field operation, including the possibility of the application of robotics to oil and gas fields.

Furthermore, Japanese cutting edge technologies will be introduced and displayed as solutions for the challenges, not only through speeches and discussions but also at the exhibition venue.

It would be our pleasure if this forum would serve as a bridge between oil/gas producing companies and Japanese technology companies, and intend that this will be a venue to match your challenges with our technical solutions.

We look forward to seeing you and offering you opportunities to discover business seeds at the JOGMEC Techno Forum 2015.

Hirobumi Kawano
Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC)

Hirobumi Kawano