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November 29th
*Each presentation will be 25 minutes long including Questions & Answers.
Global stakeholders of oil and gas industry will provide insight into current industry trend, opportunities, and challenges.
Keynote Speeches
『Governmental perspectives』
In the New Age with the fluctuating market conditions, how will oil & gas producing countries overcome their challenges? Governmental perspectives and their strategic planning from Mexico (SENER), Brazil (Embassy of Brazil in Japan) and Indonesia (Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, MIGAS) will be explored.
Keynote Speech
『NOCs' perspectives』
As the enforcing bodies of the national energy policies, how do NOCs analyze the situations and design their future strategies?
Gazprom of Russia, SOCAR of Azerbaijan, and ADNOC of the UAE will address their challenges and possible solutions.
Special Speech
『JOGMEC Session - Technological Development and Alliance』
“Alliance”, sharing advantages of each, would be one of the important keywords to survive in the New Age. Based on this keyword, IHS Markit, Shell Japan, INPEX, Toyo Engineering and TOTAL will present their business strategies and how they perceive the current market.
November 30th
*Each presentation will be 20 minutes long including Questions & Answers.

Session 1: IOR / EOR Technologies
Session 2: Gas Separation & Utilization Technologies
Session 3: Robotics / IoT/ Big Data Technologies

As more and more oil & gas fields which are easy to develop have been developed for production, E&P activities in some extreme areas, such as deep offshore and gas fields with CO2 / H2S gas have also become active. Under these circumstances, coupled with the current low oil price era, oil & gas companies are putting greater effort in reducing their overall cost and ensuring operation optimization.
Each session consists of presentations by experts from NOCs/IOCs addressing their technological needs, followed by presentations from Japanese companies with technologies that may solve these challenges.
As a closing session, Technical Discussion by specialists from Japanese E&Ps and engineering companies will debate and summarize the issues raised throughout the forum under the subject of “Cost Reduction, Efficiency Enhancement and Alliance -Technologies and Actions to be Pursued-”.

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*Unfortunately Dr. Djoko Siswanto was not able to present due to urgent matters, and was substituted by Dr. I Gusti Suarnaya Sidemen on his behalf.