In the exhibition of JOGMEC Techno Forum 2016, Japanese cutting edge technologies related to three main session themes of November 30th (Day2); IOR/EOR, Gas separation and utilization, Robotics/IoT/Big Data, will be introduced and displayed as solutions to the technical challenges. Furthermore, there will be a booth dedicated to JOGMEC's activities and Metals Exploration Department will demonstrate their technology on mineral identification with their Portable Spectrometer. The poster exhibition of JOGMEC’s activities will also be open during the forum at Foyer in front of the exhibition venue.

It would be our pleasure if this forum would serve as a bridge between oil/gas producing companies and Japanese technology companies, and a venue to match your challenges with our technical solutions.

Opening Dates & Times

Day1 November 29th (Tue) 11:15-17:00
Day2 November 30th (Wed) 10:00-17:00

*Please note that the opening hours are subject to change.

Exhibition Venue & Exhibitors


Aoi, 2nd floor, Palace Hotel Tokyo

JOGMEC Poster Exhibition

JOGMEC Poster Exhibition

JOGMEC Techno Forum 2016 Poster Exhibition

Category Title
1 JOGMEC’s Activities Seeking a stable supply of natural resources and energy for Japan and the World
2 JOGMEC Activities
3 JOGMEC Network
4 IP Activities IP related activities in JOGMEC
5 Invention produced in JOGMEC-TRC Lab (ⅰ)
6 Invention produced in JOGMEC-TRC Lab (ⅱ)
7 Oil and Natural Gas Developments for Highly Accurate Reservoir Monitoring
8 Montney Formation CGR distribution:Geomodeling and multiple-regressionan analysis for CGR mapping
9 Technical Solution Concept
10 Environmental Friendly Produced Water Treatment Technology
11 Stockpiling In compliance with the most severe Environmental Regulation standard in the world (ⅰ)
12 In compliance with the most severe Environmental Regulation standard in the world (ⅱ)
13 Metals Survey and Sampling Platform Tools of R/V Hakurei
14 Geophysical Exploration Ground TEM System ”SQUITEM”
15 Mine Pollution Control Genetic mechanisms of mine pollution from metal mines
16 Research and development of passive mine water treatment technology
17 Coal JOGMEC work for coal development
18 Joint support for coal-producing countries
19 Geothermal Advanced Technology Development of Exploration for Geothermal Resources
20 Regional Airborne Survey for Geothermal Potential