Presentation Materials and Abstracts

JOGMEC Techno Forum 2017 does not distribute printed materials due to consideration to the environment issues. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation on paperless initiatives.

For the presentation materials that have been approved by each presenters, click the icons next to the name of the presenter to download it.

Tuesday 28 November

Keynote Presentations
Mr. Qasem M. Al Kayoumi(ADNOC)
Dr. Ego Syahrial(MIGAS)
Mr. J. Javier Hinojosa Puebla(PEMEX)
Panel Discussion
Mr. Judson Jacobs(IHS Markit)
Dr. Philippe Julien(Total)
Mr. Tetsuro Tochikawa(INPEX)
Mr. Ahmed Elsherbini Ibrahim(BHGE)

Wednesday 29 November

Technical Session 1 【Offshore Technologies】
Dr. Shahidah Mohd Shariff(PETRONAS)
Mr. Yo Fukui(FUKUI)
Mr. Makoto Tono(Toyo)
Mr. Frederic J.L. Hannon(Total)
Prof. Kaj Riska(Total)
Mr. Kota Ueki(JGC)
Dr. Genki Sagawa(WNI)
Dr. Shotaro Uto(NMRI)
Technical Session 2 【Unconventionals】
Dr. Z. (John) Zhou(Alberta Innovates)
Mr. Tanetomo (Tom) Izumi(JAPEX)
Dr. Satoru Akama(NEC)
Technical Session 3 【IoT/BigData】
Mr. Motoyoshi Yamanaka(INPEX)To be released
after May, 2018
Mr. Shashank Panchangam(Halliburton - Landmark)
Mr. Hisashi Asada(Komatsu Ltd.)
Closing Session
Dr. Takao Namba(INPEX)
Mr. Kunio Kubo(JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation)
Dr. Kazuhiko Tezuka(JAPEX)

Session Overview

Day1 Tuesday 28 November

The first day of the event will explore the ways in which oil and gas producing countries and international energy companies are encompassing Technology Innovation. The Presentations and Panel Discussion will give insights into their strategic viewpoints and market analysis.

Keynote Presentations

The session will explore the R&D activities and challenges faced by the National Oil Companies. Also the application of Japanese technologies in the oil and gas field and its further expectation will be discussed.

Panel Discussion

  • IntroductionIntroductory Presentation by the Chair and Panelists on Technology Innovation, its concepts and the future.
  • Panel DiscussionThe Panel will engage in a dialogue on the Technology Innovation. The long term strategic mindset required for successful Technology Innovation and the company philosophy to facilitate Technology Innovation will be looked at.

Day2 Wednesday 29 November

The second day of the event will focus on specific technologies, as the Technology Innovation has played a significant role in the breakthrough of challenges that the Oil & Gas producing companies/countries face.

This year, we highlight three technical themes of interest. Each technical session consists of speeches from the Oil & Gas producing companies/countries that will discuss their technical Needs, and Japanese Seeds technologies that have the potential of solving these technical Needs.

Hall A

  • Technical Session 1Offshore Technologies

Hall B

  • Technical Session 2Unconventionals
  • Technical Session 3IoT/BigData

Closing Session (Hall A&B)

The forum will be wrapped up with a closing session, with messages from Japanese E&P companies touching upon their philosophy on Technology Innovation, followed by closing remarks by JOGMEC.