Kuroki keisuke
President Kuroki keisuke

Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (“JOGMEC”) is a governmental agency designated to promote and secure stable energy supply to Japan by means of financial and technical assistance in areas of exploration and development and furthering ties with the resources rich countries.

Being at crossroads of the final year in our five-year business term, we mark the very significant fifth year of Techno Forum whose embankment dates back to the beginning of the five-year business term. Over the past years Techno Forum with the ever more innovative Japanese technologies, has become known to be one of the vital pillars to enrich relationships with the oil and gas producing countries, and this year we would like to revisit what has engendered the opening of this event. That is to promote a wide range of Japanese technologies as solutions to the technical challenges faced in oil and gas producing countries, to work together to create cross-disciplinary solutions, and to provide for the platform where the technical challenges and solutions meet.

The first and second Techno Forum in 2013 and 2014 respectively, members of National Oil Companies and International Oil Companies addressed what was deemed to be the technical challenges experienced on the forefront of the oil and gas development. In response to such needs expressed, Japanese companies presented their innovative activities in the areas of development of unconventional resources where highly advanced technologies remain to be a requisite. In the third Techno Forum, as the year 2015 saw a general slowdown in the resources development activities following a plunge in the oil prices, speakers from the oil and gas producing countries have introduced their strategic approach. Furthermore, the panel discussion was joined by the experts of the oil and gas development sector to explore the themes more deeply. The last Techno Forum in 2016 focused on three keywords, namely Cost Reduction, Efficiency Enhancement and Alliance to highlight improved competitiveness as the visions overlooking the oil price recovery and decreased supply amount in the future emerged to be an importance factor along with the prevailing low oil price environment. Under the general theme of Challenges and Solutions in the New Age the forum led to interactive discussions.

In 2017, Techno Forum will underpin the significance of Technology Innovation. It is the Technology Innovation deriving from the need for the long term strategy for growth despite fluctuating oil prices that will strengthen one’s competitiveness and asset values. The spirit to share technical challenges faced in the oil and gas producing countries and to manifest the solutions to overcome such challenges with the technologies of both national and international stakeholders, and to bring about alliance synergy is a way towards Technology Innovation.

Theme: Opening a New Era of Technology Innovation
- Independence from the fluctuating oil price environment
- Competitiveness
- Synergy

The first day of Techno Forum 2017 will invite high level speakers from National Oil Companies to explore their strategic viewpoints and directions of technical developments, and how Japanese technologies are applied or expected to be applied in the future. Further, the afternoon session will consist of presentations by the international companies with leading innovative technologies, and this will be followed by a panel discussion to consider the mindset required for Technology Innovation and how these companies have actually realised Technology Innovation. The panel discussion will also examine competitiveness of Japanese industry in the international market and we hope that this will be an informative and constructive interlocution. On the second day, three specific technologies, Offshore Technologies, Unconventionals and IoT/BigData Technologies, that are regarded as crucial in harnessing competitiveness of technologies will be discussed. Each technical topics will be discussed from the perspectives of both technical challenges and solutions. Technical challenges not only means the issues to be solved but also reflects the companies’ philosophy of technology development. Technical solutions, on the other hand, are potential answers to such solutions. As the closing session, Japanese perspectives on Technology Innovation will be unfolded.

Japanese companies will be showcasing their technologies in the exhibition area and this year’s forum will showcase more technologies than last year. The networking reception on the first day will be open to the participants of the Techno Forum. I am delighted, as with every year, to witness the oil and gas development sector encompassing novel technologies not only from stakeholders with traditional backgrounds but also from the newly emerging stakeholders. It is my sincere hope that the seeds will grow into innovation from the networking reception, and that this event will serve as a platform on which technical challenges and solutions meet, and where you will be a part of the bridge between oil and gas producing countries and companies with the leading technologies.

We look forward to welcoming to you Techno Forum 2017.

Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC)

President Kuroki keisuke