Prof. Kaj Riska

Joined Total S.A. in June 2012 as ice engineer – first in Extreme Cold group and from August 2015 in TEC/GEO being responsible for the Extreme Cold R&D envelope. Total innovation prize for Arctic LNG carrier in 2014. Expert in Ice Engineering in 2017.

Graduated as a M.Sc. 1978 in Mathematics and D.Sc. 1988 in Naval Architecture from the Helsinki University of Technology. Professor of Arctic Marine Structures in the Helsinki University of Technology and after academia director of a smaller ship design company ILS Ltd. Professor II at the Norwegian Science and Technology University in Trondheim. Member of WG8/SC7 and the French representative in SC8.

Specialist on the Finnish-Swedish Ice Class Rules for the Finnish Maritime Administration. Contributed to design of several icebreakers and ice breaking ships, and to ice resistant FPSU in the Bohai Bay (with a soft yoke) and the Varandey terminal in the Pechora Sea. At the Helsinki University of Technology, he was responsible for the large ice laboratory at the university. About 60 refereed articles in scientific journals and a score of conference papers.