Dr. Philippe Julien

Philippe JULIEN, born in 1959, graduated from French National Superior School of Geology in 1982 and from Paris VI University (Earth Physics Paris Institute) where he got his PhD in seismology and rock mechanics in 1987.
He began his career with Total as Research Geophysicist. After some years in Norway and then in Indonesia, as Chief Geophysicist for Mahakam Exploration, he came back to France as Total Corporate Geophysical Research Manager in 1999.
He was then involved in Human Resources and became Vice President Upstream External Technical Communication before leading the Total Research Center in Qatar. In 2016, he became Senior Manager of E&P R&D New Ventures.
Philippe JULIEN has had responsibilities in the EAGE, in the SPE and in the WPC. He has given courses in various prestigious academic institutions. In 2009, he was selected by the EAGE to be a distinguished international lecturer on the future of the energy for the planet.
He participated in over 30 international publications.